2020 Global Year Webinar

Physiotherapy for Pain Prevention

Date: 18 June 2020 
Time: 8:00 EDT/ 14:00 CEST/ 14:00 SAST/ 20:00 AWST


JP Caneiro, Research Fellow, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University

Jo Nijs, Professor, Vrije Vuiversiteit Brussel

Jo Nijs is professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium), physiotherapist/manual therapist at the University Hospital Brussels, holder of a Chair on oncological physiotherapy funded by the Berekuyl Academy, the Netherlands, and part of the Visiting Professor program of the University of Gothenburg (Sweden). Jo runs the Pain in Motion international research group (www.paininmotion.be). The primary aim of his research is improving care for patients with chronic pain. At the age of 44, he has (co-)authored >240 peer reviewed publications (including papers in high impact journals such as The Lancet and JAMA Neurology), obtained €9 million grant income, supervised 16 PhD projects to completion and served more than 270 times as an invited speaker at national and international meetings in 25 different countries (including 31 keynotes). He trained 3k clinicians in 92 courses held in 12 different countries spread over 4 continents. His work has been cited >6.4k times (h-index: 43), with 22 citations per article (ISI Web of Knowledge). Jo is ranked 2nd in the world among chronic pain researchers (1st in Europe; expertscape.com), received the 2017 Excellence in Research Award from the JOSPT (USA), and the 2020 Francqui Collen Chair awarded by the University of Hasselt, Belgium.

Romy Parker, Associate Professor, Director, Pain Management Unit, University of Cape Town

Anne Söderlund, Professor in Physiotherapy, Mälardalen University

Dr. Anne Söderlund is professor in Physiotherapy with behavioral medicine profile at School of Health, Care and Welfare, Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden. She was Dean of Faculty at Mälardalen University during years 2014-2019 with responsibility of quality development and assurance of all education and research at the University. She is a leader of a multidisciplinary research group, Behavioral Medicine, Health and Lifestyle (BeMe-Health). Her research includes prevention, treatment, and evaluation of health problems from a behavioral medicine perspective in the physiotherapy framework. Her research is focused on the individual's behavior and ability for functioning in everyday life in various health conditions including pain related problems in different ages. Studies in clinical reasoning focused on behavior change, intervention studies (e.g. web-based stress management) and health promotion by decreasing sedentary behavior in older people as well as studies of implementation of a behavioral medicine approach in physiotherapist’s clinical practice in musculoskeletal pain are her latest research areas. She has about 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications and has supervised 11 PhD projects, mostly externally funded, to completion. Her h-index is 19 and her work has been citated 1160 times. Professor Söderlund’s research in behavioral medicine within physiotherapy framework is internationally unique. She is also Editor-in-Chief for the European Journal of Physiotherapy.