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Pain After Surgery

Increase awareness of postsurgical pain and educate pain researchers as well as health-care professionals worldwide.

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About this Global
Year Campaign

The 2017 IASP Global Year Against Pain After Surgery had several purposes:

  • Disseminate information worldwide about pain after surgery
  • Educate pain researchers as well as health-care professionals who see the issues associated with such pain first-hand in their interactions with patients
  • Increase awareness of postsurgical pain among public officials, members of the media, and the general public
  • Encourage government leaders, health-care organizations, and others to support policies that result in improved management of pain after surgery
2017 Global Year Against Pain After Surgery
Global Year Fact Sheets

Global Year Fact Sheets

Below are 14 Fact Sheets prepared by the world's top experts on various aspects of postsurgical pain. IASP thanks the scientists and clinicians who wrote and reviewed the Fact Sheets and members of the SIG on Acute Pain for their valuable contributions. The documents, edited by task force chairs Daniel B. Carr and Bart Morlion.

The International Association for the Study of Pain is happy to provide access to this year's Global Year fact sheets. Please contact us to inquire.

  • What the Public Should Know About Pain After Surgery
  • What Health-Care Professionals Should Know About Pain After Surgery
  • Pathophysiology of Acute Postoperative Pain
  • Chronic Postsurgical Pain: Definition and Impact
  • Behavioral Techniques including Hypnosis for Pain After Surgery
  • Management of Postsurgical Pain in
    - Adults: Pharmacotherapy and Regional Anesthesia
    - Children
    - Older Adults
    - Patients Treated Preoperatively with Opioids
  • Management of Pain Related to Surgery and Procedures in Patients with Known or Suspected Cancer
  • Pain Management in Critical Care
  • Acupuncture for Acute Pain and Nausea After Surgery
  • Management of Patients First Presenting with Chronic Pain After Surgery
  • Using Outcomes to Improve Care: Real-Time, Short-Term, and Long-Term
Global Year Volunteers

Meet the Task Force

Meet our multidisciplinary team of volunteers that oversees all aspects of this year’s global campaign.

Pain After Surgery
Pain After Surgery

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