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Sponsorship Policy



The 2024 Global Year will examine what is known about sex and gender differences in pain perception and modulation and address sex-and gender-related disparities in both the research and treatment of pain.

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Sponsorship. A sponsorship is financial support of a program, grant, event, or other activity.

General Principles:

  • Sponsorship or support of IASP activities is open to entities that support IASP’s mission, vision, and goals.
  • When IASP activities provide CME credits (such as in the case of Congress sessions and materials/products, Pain: Clinical Updates, and Global Year materials and/or events), the sponsor is termed a “supporter”; the activity’s scientific content, planning, and execution will not involve input from the supporter. IASP also may seek unrestricted funds from multiple sponsors or supporters for IASP activities. (Such funding may be termed “educational grants,” “donations,” “funding,” or “support,” depending on the supporter’s internal policy and country regulation.)
  • IASP will acknowledge such support with appropriate language (dependent on support level) and the supporter’s logo in such communications as slide presentations, signage at meetings, and in other vehicles. Such acknowledgments must be approved by the IASP Executive Director or his or her surrogate. Acknowledgments will not feature logos, slogans, or tag lines referencing specific drugs or medical devices.
  • IASP supporters may acknowledge their support of IASP activities in non-IASP materials. Such language must be approved by IASP, and supporters must provide the final material for reference; similarly, use of the IASP logo requires IASP approval from the Executive Director or his or her surrogate. Use of Congress or other event logos also require IASP approval and may be used only in conjunction with the terms and conditions stipulated for the event.

Specific Principles:

  • IASP will seek corporate or sister society support of IASP activities in accordance with IASP policies and procedures, with IASP’s Industry Liaison (a consultant) taking the lead on seeking Congress sponsorship and support, supported by the IASP Local Arrangements Committee and IASP staff.
  • The pricing of Congress corporate support per item will be determined as needed by IASP staff in partnership with its consultant for the Congress, based on a review of comparable sister society profiles of congresses or meetings, fees, and local realities and expectations.
  • The pricing of corporate sponsorships and support for non-Congress events, and of potential levels of sponsorship, will be determined on an individual basis by IASP staff in partnership with IASP’s consultant based on relevant comparison data.
  • If multiple supporters are not interested in or available to support a particular initiative, IASP may consider support from a single company or organization.
  • Sponsorship or support will be invoiced with full expectation of payment prior to the sponsored/supported activity and any dissemination of materials and/or products.
  • Advertisements of products, devices, and/or other materials produced by the supporter may be featured in Congress program books, journal ads, and other materials; such advertisements should be clearly described as advertisements. These may be included in the fees for sponsorship packages and, if so, will be specified therein.
  • Advertisements for Company-Sponsored Associated Symposia held at the IASP World Congress on Pain may also be featured in the program book, journal ads, and other materials. These may also be included in the fees for sponsorship packages and, if so, will be specified therein.
  • Corporate supporters are typically pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, medical device manufacturers and/or distributors, and re-agent companies. No type of company or specific company will be excluded for consideration unless so designated by the IASP Executive Committee at the outset of the sponsorship program.
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