IASP Multidisciplinary Pain Center Development Manual

This manual is focused on the creation of a Multidisciplinary Pain Center. Due to limited resources, the Advisory Group fellt that the most efficient way for lower-resource countries to support the development of multiple pain clinics acrosee the country is with the creation of a Multidisciplinary Pain Center that can serve as a "hub" and center of excellence. The Center will provide training and mentoring services that will facilitate the development of new clinical services across each country. Accordingly, this manual focuses on the creation of the Center as a first step towards the development of a network of multidisciplinary pain clinics in each country. 

Multidisciplinary Pain Center Toolkit Advisory Group

Mary Cardosa (Malaysia)
Michael Nicholas (Australia)

Jimmy Barus (Indonesia)
Fiona Blyth (Australia)
Pongparadee Chaudakshetrin (Thailand)
Matthew D'Uva (United States)
Khin Myo Hla (Myanmar)
Nguyen Thi Hung (Vietnam)
Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen (Vietnam)
Troels Staehelin Jensen (Denmark)
Shawn Lee Ji Kwan (Malaysia)
Andi Muahmmad Takdir Musba (Indonesia)
Zubaidah Jamil Osman (Malaysia)
Jocelyn Que (Philippines)
Andrew Rice (United Kingdom)
Ramain Vijayan Sannasi (Malaysia)
Myint Thaung (Myanmar)

IASP Staff Contact
Jeanette Gass

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