Strategic Plan

Vision: Working together for pain relief throughout the world

Mission: The International Association for the Study of Pain brings together scientists, clinicians, health-care providers, and policymakers to stimulate and support the study of pain and to translate that knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide.

Goal 1:  Build a global community of members from multiple disciplines to nurture collaboration, dialogue, and networking

  • Enhance the IASP website and other online offerings
  • Increase IASP membership across disciplines, specialty areas, and countries       
  • Strengthen IASP support of SIGs to help them expand services to their members

Goal 2: Support a distribution hub for world-class science and evidence-based treatment guidelines to elevate the knowledge and education of members and the health-care community

  • Ensure that PAIN remains the premier scientific journal in the pain field based on key performance indicators (Impact Factor, acceptance rate, time to first decision)
  • Support a well-respected open access journal – PAIN Reports
  • Continue high-quality education through the IASP Press, Pain: Clinical Updates, and the Global Year Campaigns (2017 Global Year Against Pain After Surgery, 2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education)
  • Launch new educational tools and web content on the IASP website (Online Refresher Courses)
  • Strengthen IASP Grants and Fellowships Program
  • Support clinical training through IASP Pain Camps (India and Myanmar in 2017)
  • Support future leaders in pain research through IASP Pain Schools in North America and Europe

Goal 3: Advocate with IASP chapters and federations to advance the field and educate policymakers about the benefits of effective pain treatment

  • Engage and partner with the WHO, other scientific organizations, and patient groups to advance pain research and clinical practice
  • Propose modifications to the International Classification of Diseases (in ICD-11) to improve pain diagnoses
  • Enhance relationships and communications among IASP chapters and federations to coordinate and advance advocacy efforts

Goal 4: Strengthen the capacity of IASP to support the IASP mission and vision

  • Establish and regularly monitor metrics tied to the strategic plan to evaluate whether IASP is achieving its goals, including lasting financial success
  • Analyze trends in the field and needs of members to ensure that IASP remains relevant and valuable to members and the community
  • Establish effective relationships with commercial entities to fully support IASP grants and fellowship programs, education efforts, and other initiatives that advance IASP’s mission

Operational Goals

  • Develop and communicate a compelling value proposition and effectively engage all constituents in the association at all levels
  • Establish financial equilibrium by developing a long-term plan that results in a balanced budget annually within the next six years
  • Harness organizational assets and strengths by fostering partnerships and collaboration with SIGs, chapters, and like-minded organizations
  • Enhance working relationships with commercial interests