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IASP Elections

2024 is an election year at IASP and it is crucial the pain community participates in selecting the next generation of IASP leadership. All IASP  members in good standing are entitled to participate in the nomination process and cast a ballot in the election.

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IASP Elections:

This year, the IASP voting membership will elect a President-Elect, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and five (5) Councilors. We invite you to nominate individuals who will lead IASP in fulfilling its strategic aims and serving the membership.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind. Each nominee must:

  • be a Regular Member of IASP currently and for the past two years
  • be able to communicate effectively in English
  • have access to the Internet and hold an active e-mail account (most IASP business is done via email)
  • be able to commit time to attend one in-person Council meeting per year as well as additional meetings by teleconference and take an active role in IASP committees, working groups and task forces

IASP policy explicitly prohibits campaigning of any type in both the nominations and elections process. Specifically, IASP policy prohibits promoting any candidate for nomination or election by any means, including via social media outlets, publications, email, regular mail, and any other form of communication.

Nominees must complete a biographical sketch summarizing their educational and professional backgrounds, prior service to IASP, and activities relevant to the role for which they are nominated.


The President-Elect position is a two-year term and the successful candidate will automatically become IASP President (2026-2028). Only past and current Councilors or Officers who are Regular Members may stand for election as President-Elect. You will find the list of eligible members on the electronic nomination form and on the IASP website here.

The Secretary position is a two-year term and is not renewable.
The Treasurer position is a four-year term and is not renewable.


Councilor positions are six-year terms and are not renewable. Our bylaws state, insofar as practical, at least one Councilor shall be a resident of each of the following regions: (a) Asia, Australasia and Oceania; (b) Middle East and Africa; (c) Europe; (d) Latin America and the Caribbean; and (e) the United States and Canada. Also, insofar as practical, the Council shall reflect the various disciplines of the Regular Members. Former Councilors must be out of office for a minimum of six years before they can stand for re-election as councilor. Our policy further clarifies: The Nominations Committee will consider the following factors in development of the slate of Council members:

  • Multidisciplinary nature of IASP
  • Geographical balance
  • Gender balance
  • Past involvement of nominee in IASP or chapter committees, working groups, editorial boards, task forces or other volunteer positions

Current IASP membership and current Councilors have the following geographical distribution:

Region IASP Membership Current Councilors Councilor’s term ending in 2024
Asia, Australia, and Oceania 22.2% 20% 0
Middle East and Africa 3.9% 5% 0
Europe 31%% 35% 3
Latin America and the Caribbean 9.8% 5% 0
United States and Canada 33.1% 35% 2

In light of the need for regional representation, the Nominations Committee will now consider members from Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, and Europe for the positions of Councilor during this election cycle.

The committee will, however, consider members from any region for Officer positions.

Please also note that members of the Nominations Committee are ineligible to be nominated for Councilor and/or Officer.

The Nominations Committee will review all nominees with these factors in mind and prepare a slate of candidates for voting by electronic ballot in May 2024.

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2024 Candidates
2024 IASP President-Elect Candidates
2024 IASP Nominations Committee

Members of the Nominations Committee are Ineligible to be Nominated for Councilor and/or Officer

Chair: Claudia Sommer, Germany


  • Joletta Belton, USA
  • Karen Davis, Canada
  • Margarita Calvo, Chile
  • Irina Vetter, Australia
  • Supranee Niruthisard, Thailand
  • Lester Jones, Singapore
  • Simon Haroutounian, USA
  • Peter Kamerman, South Africa
  • Takahiro Ushida, Japan
  • Hance Clarke, Canada
  • Luis Garcia-Larréa, France
  • Catherine Bushnell, USA