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Denise-Albe Fessard Award

Scope The Denise-Albe Fessard Award is given for distinguished service to IASP. Dr. Denise-Albe Fessard was a French neuroscientist best known for her basic research into the central nervous system […]

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NHP SIG Trainee Research Project Award

Application Period: 2 May 2022 – 29 July 2022 Grant Terms: One 12-month award of up to US$10,000. Purpose: The Non-Human Pain SIG supports training in all aspects of pain […]

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Philip A. Spiegel Trainee Award

Scope Philip A. Spiegel was a medical administrator and researcher at Health Education for Living in Pain (HELP), an organization dedicated to the study and treatment of chronic pain. As […]

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Ronald Melzack Lecture Award

Scope Ronald Melzack contributed to the field of pain research and management through the development of the gate control theory of pain (with Patrick Wall); developed the concept of the […]

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William D. Willis, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. Memorial Lecture Award

Scope William D. Willis, Jr. was a neuroscientist who studied how pain travels through the body by carrying out research on how the neurons in your brain react when presented […]

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IASP Award for Excellence in Pain Research and Management in Developing Countries

Scope This award is presented to an individual or a team that has achieved an outstanding level of excellence in pain-related programs in a developing country. The program should fall […]

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