2020 Global Year for the Prevention of Pain

Welcome to the 2020 Global Year! 

2020 is dedicated as the Global Year for the Prevention of Pain. 

You will find publications, resources, and ways to participate in Global Year events on this page and throughout the IASP website

Read the welcome message from IASP President Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Prof., Dr. Med, PhD

Read a welcome message from co-chairs Esther Pogatzki-Zhan, Prof. Dr. med. and Brona Fullen, PhD

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Global Year Task Force

Esther Pogatzki-Zhan, PhD, Co-Chair (Germany)
Brona Fullen, PhD, Co-Chair (Ireland)
Fiona Campbell, MD (Canada)
Greg Dussor, PhD (USA)
Fiona Hodson, BSc (Australia)
Zubaidah Jamil Osman, PhD (Malaysia)
Ulrike Kaiser, Dr. med (Germany)
Patricia Lavand'homme, MD (Belgium)
Katherine Martucci, PhD (USA)
Romy Parker, PhD (South Africa)
Gisele Pickering, MD, PhD (France)
Felipe Reis, PhD (Brazil)
Stephan Schug, MD (Australia)
Takahiro Ushida, MD, PHD (Japan)

How to Participate

  • Use this checklist as a guide to help you sponsor a meeting, symposium, or other event
  • Learn more about the spokespeople behind the 2020 Global Year
  • Tell us about your upcoming Global Year activities
  • Follow the #GY2020 conversation on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to learn about new Global Year publications, resources, and activities
  • Join IASP!

Fact Sheets on Pain Prevention

Global Year Fact Sheets, prepared by top experts on various aspects of pain prevention, are available for free download. IASP thanks the scientists and clinicians who wrote and reviewed the Fact Sheets.

2020 Fact Sheets on the topics listed below will be available soon! Please continue to check this page for updates. If you have any questions, please email globalyear@iasp-pain.org

  • Prevention of Pain Overview
  • Primary Pain Prevention
  • Secondary and Tertiary Pain Prevention
  • Physical Activity for Pain Prevention
  • Partnering with your Health Care Professional to Prevent Pain: Information for Patients
  • Nutrition and Chronic Pain
  • Using Drugs for Pain Prevention
  • Prevention of Chronic Post-Surgical Pain
  • Prevention of spine-related back pain: the importance of intervention from an early age
  • Prevention of Pain in Vulnerable Populations

Translated Fact Sheets

Check here periodically for Fact Sheets translated into various languages. We will post these as they become available. Please let us know if you would like to translate the Fact Sheets

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