2021 Global Year About Back Pain

Welcome to the 2021 Global Year About Back Pain

This year's theme focuses on helping clinicians, scientists, those living with pain, and the public understand the nature of back pain and the utility of available treatment modalities. Please click here to read more about the 2021 Global Year About Back Pain aim and objectives.

By providing free fact sheets, webinars, publications, and more, we hope this campaign helps lead to better patient outcomes, and contribute towards IASP's vision of global pain relief. 

Welcome Message From the IASP President, Claudia Sommer

Welcome Message From the 2021 Global Year About Back Pain Co-Chairs

Read interviews with co-chairs Owen Williamson and Paul Cameron

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Global Year Task Force

Owen Williamson, MBBS, Co-Chair (Canada)
Paul Cameron, PhD, Co-Chair (United Kingdom)
Kobi Degraft-Johnson, MD (Ghana)
Dawn Ernstzen, PhD (South Africa)
Thomas Graven-Nielsen, PhD (Denmark)
Monika Hasenbring, PhD (Germany)
Keith Meldrum (Canada)
Jo Nijs, PhD (Netherlands)
Gabrielle Pagé, PhD (Canada)
Marcus Schiltenwolf, MD (Germany)
Petra Schweinhardt, MD, PhD (Switzerland)
William Shaw, PhD (United States)
Takahiro Ushida, MD, PhD (Japan)
David Walsh, MD (United Kingdom) 

How to Participate

There are many ways you can get involved in the Global Year campaign. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • Join IASP
  • Tell us about your 2021 Global Year About Back Pain activities
  • Follow the conversation using #GlobalYear2021 on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about the latest 2021 Global Year About Back Pain publications, resources, and activities
  • Submit a resource or webinar proposal related to back pain

Translated Factsheets

Check here periodically for the latest translated fact sheets. 

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