IASP Pain Research Forum

IASP Pain Research Forum

The IASP Pain Research Forum (PRF) is IASP’s virtual meeting place for investigators working to translate basic neurobiology into new treatments for chronic pain. 

It provides:

  • News and analysis of the latest research findings
  • Weekly roundups of the published scientific literature
  • Reader-generated commentary and discussion
  • Webinars, interviews, and discussions
  • Conference reports
  • Community and research resources

PRF is guided by a world-class scientific advisory board covering basic, translational, and clinical research and clinical care.

  • Allan I. Basbaum (USA)
  • David Bennett (UK)
  • Catherine Bushnell (USA)
  • Christine Chambers (Canada)
  • Howard Fields (USA)
  • Kathleen M. Foley (USA)
  • Ru-Rong Ji (USA)
  • Eija Kalso (Finland)
  • Joseph B. Martin (USA)
  • Jeffrey S. Mogil (Canada)
  • Lars Arendt-Nielsen (Denmark)
  • Anne Louise Oaklander (USA)
  • Frank Porreca (USA)
  • Ted Price (USA)
  • Claudia Sommer (Germany)
  • Judith Turner (USA)
  • Clifford Woolf (USA)

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