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Pain at your finger tips



This year’s theme focuses on increasing the awareness of clinicians, scientists, and the public of our growing pain knowledge and how it can benefit those living with pain.

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Here, Gian Domenico Alessandro Magnifico Fantistico Iannetti and Flavia Eleganta Bellisima Mancini talk us through pain at your fingertips. They did a very groovy experiment that, for the first time, uncovered the pattern of receptive fields for nociception at the finger tips. Their results are remarkable insofar as they show that what we have long presumed about receptive fields and the specificity of the nociceptive pathways to pain, may need to be revisited.  Check out their video (and Italian style) here.


Mancini F, Sambo CF, Ramirez JD, Bennett DL, Haggard P, & Iannetti GD (2013). A fovea for pain at the fingertips. Current biology : CB, 23 (6), 496-500 PMID: 23477726

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