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Marc Russo, MD

Dr. Marc Russo, MD, is the Director at Hunter Pain Specialists in Australia. His specialty is pain medicine and he has been in the pain field for  22 years. Marc has been an IASP member for the last 21 years and has attended seven World Congresses.

What has been your most significant achievement in or contribution to the pain field thus far?

Probably for others to say but I’m honoured to be elected to the position of President of the International Neuromodulation Society starting September 2021.   I’m grateful to be able to collaborate with some great minds both domestically and internationally in publishing some seminal papers and to have completed some First In Man neuromodulation studies.

What do you think is the next big “hot topic” in the pain field?

Well, have you got half an hour?   Briefly, it revolves around understanding the neuroimmune interaction of pain, understanding the “memory storage” nature of chronic pain in our nervous system and finding ways to effectively interface with the CNS/PNS and talk its language to produce effective outcomes.   It is a 20 year project but groups are under way with important studies.

Why did you become an IASP member?/ Why are you an IASP member?

I joined to learn and be a better pain doc.   I will stay for life because IASP is like one giant instant global family where we are all dedicated to the one pursuit – the relief of suffering of our fellow humans.

What is your favorite member benefit?

I think the World Congress is the jewel in the crown.   So many memories and such good conversations and stimulating thoughts.   It nourishes and revives my professional soul.

Are you involved with any Chapters or SIGs? What have you learned from them and what motivated you to join?

I am a member of the Neuromodulation and CRPS SIGs.   They play a vital role in deep dive education and coordinating research on a global scale.

What is your favorite… sport, food, travel destination, etc?

Favourite sport is rugby union and watching the travails of my Wallabies (the Australian rugby union team).   Favourite food is ice cream which next to the wheel is mankind’s greatest invention although I’m eating a lot of mussels currently to increase my brain plasmalogen levels.   Favourite travel destination is Bora Bora, it has beyond magical tropical beauty.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’m going to be parochial and say Australia because people are what makes a place special and Australians are one of the happiest most relaxed peoples on the planet and plus the beaches here are the best in the world.

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