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Papers: 25 Nov 2023 - 1 Dec 2023

2023 Nov 17





Th1/17 polarization and potential treatment by an anti-interferon-γ DNA aptamer in Hunner-type interstitial cystitis.


Akiyama Y, Harada K, Miyakawa J, Kreder KJ, O'Donnell MA, Daichi M, Katoh H, Hori M, Owari K, Futami K, Ishikawa S, Ushiku T, Kume H, Homma Y, Luo Y


Hunner-type interstitial cystitis (HIC) is a rare, enigmatic inflammatory disease of the urinary bladder with no curative treatments. In this study, we aimed to characterize the unique cellular and immunological factors specifically involved in HIC by comparing with cystitis induced by bacillus Calmette-Guérin, which presents similar clinicopathological features to HIC. Here, we show that T helper 1/17 +polarized immune responses accompanied by prominent overexpression of interferon (IFN)-γ, enhanced cGAS-STING cytosolic DNA sensing pathway, and increased plasma cell infiltration are the characteristic inflammatory features in HIC bladder. Further, we developed a mouse anti-IFN-γ DNA aptamer and observed that the intravesical instillation of the aptamer significantly ameliorated bladder inflammation, pelvic pain and voiding dysfunction in a recently developed murine HIC model with little migration into the blood. Our study provides the plausible basis for the clinical translation of the anti-IFN-γ DNA aptamer in the treatment of human HIC.