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Papers: 27 May 2023 - 2 Jun 2023

Basic Science, Integrative/Complementary

Animal Studies, Molecular/Cellular, Neurobiology

Arthritis, Inflammation/Inflammatory


Front Immunol



Pathological pathway analysis in an experimental rheumatoid arthritis model and the tissue repair effect of acupuncture at ST36.


Zhang Y, Wang H, Gong YN, Yang FM, Wang SJ, Liu YY, Gui YQ, Xie F, Xu ZF, Guo Y


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that generally affects the joints. In the face of inflammation-induced cartilage and bone damage, RA treatment remains insufficient. While research evidence indicates that acupuncture can exert anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, improve the joint function of RA patients, and delay the disease, data on whether it can promote RA repair are lacking. Findings from the present work demonstrated that both the antigen-induced arthritis (AIA) and collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) models can simulate joint swelling of RA. The AIA model was more stable than the CIA model, with a higher incidence of successful arthritis modeling. Moreover, the AIA mice model could simulate the signal molecules and related pathological processes of the autoimmune response in RA, as well as major pathways related to RA and antigen immune response mechanisms. Manual acupuncture (MA) at (ST36) significantly improved paw redness and swelling, pain, and inflammatory cell infiltration in the joints in AIA mice. The therapeutic effect of MA on AIA is achieved primarily through the regulation of steroid hormone biosynthesis, cell metabolism, and tissue repair processes. MA at ST36 can increase the gene contents of tissue repair growth factors, including , , , , , and in the inflammatory side joints of AIA mice, as well as the gene expression of the anti-inflammatory cytokine . In conclusion, acupuncture may alleviate RA in the joints modulating the tissue healing process.