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Papers: 7 Jan 2023 - 13 Jan 2023

2023 Jan 04

J Neurosci Methods

Experiences and reflections about behavioral pain assays in laboratory animals.


Baamonde A, Menéndez L
J Neurosci Methods. 2023 Jan 04:109783.
PMID: 36610617.


Pharmacological assays based on the measurement of nociceptive responses in laboratory animals are a fundamental tool to assess analgesic strategies. During our experience with this type of experiments, we have been repeatedly challenged by different concerns related to their interpretation or relevance. Although these subjects are frequently discussed in our lab, they do not usually find a place in research articles with original data, in which the focus on results seems mandatory. In the present manuscript we try to discuss as central issues some of these aspects that often crossed transversally our research. We have gathered them in five topics inspired by the results obtained in our laboratory. The two initial sections are devoted to the influence of the behavioral method used to assess nociception on the results achieved, as well as to the possibility that data may be more easily accepted when obtained with standard methods than with alternative ones. The third topic is related to the difficulties encountered when working with a molecule that may evoke dual effects, acting as pronociceptive or antinociceptive depending on the dose. The fourth point deals with the situation in which a particular hyperalgesic reaction is related to several molecules but the single inhibition of only one of them can completely prevent it. Finally, the last issue is addressed to comment the impact in the progress of pain research of experiments performed in animal models of pathological settings.