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Papers: 26 Nov 2022 - 2 Dec 2022

2022 Nov 22

Brain Res

Activating PV-positive neurons in ventral thalamic reticular nucleus reduces pain sensitivity in mice.


Liu J, Chen D-H, Li X-S, Xu C-Y, Hu T
Brain Res. 2022 Nov 22:148174.
PMID: 36427592.


Previous studies have demonstrated that thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN) and the sub-nuclei play important roles in pain sensation. Our previous findings showed that activating parvalbumin-positive (PV+) neurons in dorsal sector of TRN (dTRN) could reduce the pain threshold and consequently increase the pain sensitivity of mice. Recent studies have shown that activation of GABAergic projection of TRN to ventrobasal thalamus (VB) alleviated pathological pain. GABAergic neurons in TRN are mainly PV+ neurons. However, the exact roles of ventral TRN (vTRN) PV+ neurons in pain sensation remain unclear. In this study, the designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs (DREADD) method was used to activate the PV+ neurons in vTRN of PV-Cre transgenic mice, and the mechanical threshold and thermal latency were measured to investigate the regulatory effects of vTRN on pain sensitivity in mice. Thereafter, PV-Cre transgenic mice, conditional anterograde axonal tract tracing, and immunohistochemistry were used to investigate the distribution of PV+ neurons fibers in vTRN. The results showed that the activation of PV+ neurons in vTRN increased the mechanical threshold and thermal latency, which indicated reduction of pain sensitivity. The fibers of these neurons mainly projected to ventral posterolateral thalamic nucleus (VPL), ventral posteromedial thalamic nucleus (VPM), ventrolateral thalamic nucleus (VL), centrolateral thalamic nucleus (CL) and various other brain regions. These findings indicated that activation of PV+ neurons in the vTRN decreased pain sensitivity in mice, which provided additional evidence on the mechanisms of PV+ neurons of TRN in regulating neuralgia.