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Papers: 29 Oct 2022 - 4 Nov 2022

2022 Oct 11




Targeting Neuroinflammation in Osteoarthritis with Intra-Articular Adelmidrol.


Guida F, Rocco M, Luongo L, Persiani P, Vulpiani M C, Nusca S M, Maione S, Coluzzi F
Biomolecules. 2022 Oct 11; 12(10).
PMID: 36291664.


Neuroinflammation is an emerging therapeutic target in chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases, such as osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis. Mast cells (MCs) play a key role in the homeostasis of joints and the activation of MCs induces the release of a huge number of mediators, which fuel the fire of neuroinflammation. Particularly, synovial MCs release substances which accelerate the degradation of the extra-cellular matrix causing morphological joint changes and cartilage damage and inducing the proliferation of synovial fibroblasts, angiogenesis, and the sprouting of sensory nerve fibers, which mediate chronic pain. Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a well-known MCs modulator, but in osteoarthritic joints, its levels are significantly reduced. Adelmidrol, a synthetic derivate of azelaic acid belonging to the ALIAmides family, is a PEA enhancer. Preclinical and clinical investigations showed that the intra-articular administration of Adelmidrol significantly reduced MC infiltration, pro-inflammatory cytokine release, and cartilage degeneration. The combination of 1% high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and 2% Adelmidrol has been effectively used for knee osteoarthritis and, a significant improvement in analgesia and functionality has been recorded.