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2022 Oct 04

Vet Sci



Changes in Perioperative Antimicrobial and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Regimens for Colic Surgery in Horses: A Single Center Report.


Reducing postoperative incisional infection is the main reason to administer postoperative antimicrobials (AMD) after emergency laparotomy in horses, while reducing inflammation and providing analgesia are the reasons to administer anti-inflammatory drugs (AID). The basis for postoperative AMD and AID administration is empirical and only recently has been questioned. Empirical approaches can be changed, and these changes, along with the description of their outcomes, can help produce appropriate stewardship. The aim of this study is to report the changes in AMD and AID regimens in horses undergoing emergency laparotomy at a referral teaching hospital between 2017 and 2021. Signalment, pathology, surgery, prophylactic AMD and AID administration were obtained from the medical records. Difference in AMD and AID regimens throughout the study period were also reported. In 234 postoperative records considered, ninety-two horses received prophylactic AMD, while 142 received pre-operative antimicrobials only. There was a progressive change in regimens throughout the years, increasing the number of AID molecules used. AMD and AID administration in horses has changed in our practice over the years to modulate therapies according to the postoperative complications that eventually arise. In this study, horses not receiving postoperative routine AMD treatment did not show an increased incidence of complications.