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2022 Sep 13


Safety and immunogenicity of the Na-APR-1 hookworm vaccine in infection-naïve adults.


Diemert DJ, Zumer M, Campbell D, Grahek S, Li G, Peng J, Bottazzi M E, Hotez P, Bethony J
Vaccine. 2022 Sep 13.
PMID: 36114129.


The Necator americanus hemoglobinase, aspartic protease-1 (Na-APR-1), facilitates the ability of adult hookworms to parasitize the intestine of their human hosts. A recombinant version of APR-1 protected laboratory animals against hookworm infection by inducing neutralizing antibodies that block the protein's enzymatic activity and thereby impair blood feeding. A catalytically inactive version of the wild-type hemoglobinase (Na-APR-1(M74)) was expressed by infiltrating Nicotiana benthamiana tobacco plants with an Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain engineered to express the vaccine antigen, which was adjuvanted with aluminum hydroxide adjuvant (Alhydrogel).