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2022 Aug 08




Epigenome Modulation Induced by Ketogenic Diets.


Ungaro P, Nettore I C, Franchini F, Palatucci G, Muscogiuri G, Colao A, Macchia P E
Nutrients. 2022 Aug 08; 14(15).
PMID: 35956421.


Ketogenic diets (KD) are dietary strategies low in carbohydrates, normal in protein, and high, normal, or reduced in fat with or without (Very Low-Calories Ketogenic Diet, VLCKD) a reduced caloric intake. KDs have been shown to be useful in the treatment of obesity, metabolic diseases and related disorders, neurological diseases, and various pathological conditions such as cancer, nonalcoholic liver disease, and chronic pain. Several studies have investigated the intracellular metabolic pathways that contribute to the beneficial effects of these diets. Although epigenetic changes are among the most important determinants of an organism's ability to adapt to environmental changes, data on the epigenetic changes associated with these dietary pathways are still limited. This review provides an overview of the major epigenetic changes associated with KDs.