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2022 Jul 17

Vet Sci



Equine Suture Exostosis: A Review of Cases from a Multicenter Retrospective Study.


Verwilghen D, Easley J, Zwick T, Uhlhorn M, Grulke S, Simhofer H, Townsend N, Liyou O, Bodeus F, Zani D D, Vlaminck L, Pearce C, Staszyk C, Bienert-Zeit A
Vet Sci. 2022 Jul 17; 9(7).
PMID: 35878382.


Suture exostosis is an intriguing and not uncommon pathology that has to be included in the differential diagnosis for horses with swelling of the head. Although several singular case reports have been published, no large case series is available. The aim of this study is to report a multicentric retrospective collection of suture exostosis cases. Data concerning horses with suture exostosis in the facial region were collected retrospectively. Information regarding breed, age, gender, history, imaging findings, initiated treatment, response to treatment and follow up was recorded. One hundred and five cases of various breeds were reported. Analysis revealed the cases could be grouped into four entities: 45 developed following sino-nasal surgery, 23 following trauma, seven with underlying sinus pathology and 25 idiopathic. Treatment consisted of sequestra removal, plate fixation, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs or no treatment. Whereas initial localized pain fades within few days or weeks, resolution or reduction of the swelling was obtained in most cases after 3 months to 1.5 years. The etiopathogenesis of suture exostosis seems to consist of different entities. Identification of an underlying cause, particularly the presence of a bone sequester and infection is important to speed up resolution and before concluding an idiopathic case. When performing sinusotomies, it is important to provide as little trauma as possible to the surgical site in order to prevent suture exostosis as a complication.