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2022 Mar




Editorial Commentary: Quadratus Lumborum Analgesia for Hip Arthroscopy: The New Kid on the (Nerve) Block.


Quadratus lumborum (QL) nerve block is a new technique aimed to improve perioperative analgesia for patients undergoing hip arthroscopy. The QL block targets nerve roots from the lumbar plexus supplying the hip and is an alternative to the fascia iliaca compartment block, which has been shown to have variable effects on pain control while increasing motor weakness and postoperative fall risk. Although a recent Level I study showed decreased opioid consumption without increased motor weakness after QL block compared to sham block, another Level I study reported contrasting results with QL block demonstrating no improvement in pain control or opioid consumption compared to a multimodal pain regime after hip arthroscopy. These differing conclusions from high-level studies indicate further research is needed for QL block and that investigation of other potential nerve block options for hip arthroscopy patients, such as the PENG block, is warranted.