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2022 Feb 07

Ther Deliv

Development and characterization of a novel mucoadhesive sol-gel suppository of sumatriptan: design, optimization,  and evaluation for rectal drug delivery.


Sumatriptan (ST) is used for the treatment of migraine and cluster headaches. However, it exhibits low oral bioavailability (15%) due to the high first-pass metabolism. The aim of this work was to formulate an ST rectal hydrogel. Hydrogels were formulated according to a Box-Behnken design using pluronic F-127 (PF-127) and chitosan as thermogelling and mucoadhesive agents, respectively. The rectal permeability was examined using a sheep rectal mucosa. Among all the formulations, the hydrogel S2 showed satisfactory drug content (4.50%), gelling temperature (32°C), pH (6.41), viscosity (105 cP) and strength (15.90 sec). Mucoadhesive strength was adequate to provide a prolonged residence time. The flux of hydrogel S2 was calculated to be 0.0003 μg/cm.min. The ST hydrogel can provide a potential opportunity to overcome the first pass metabolism and reduce drug dose.