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Papers: 27 Nov 2021 - 3 Dec 2021

Animal Studies, Pharmacology/Drug Development

2021 Nov 30

Sci Rep



Inhibition of SYK and cSrc kinases can protect bone and cartilage in preclinical models of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Novikov FN, Panova MV, Titov IY, Stroylov VS, Stroganov OV, Chilov GG
Sci Rep. 2021 Nov 30; 11(1):23120.
PMID: 34848799.


The pathophysiology of osteoarthritis (OA) includes the destruction of subchondral bone tissue and inflammation of the synovium. Thus, an effective disease-modifying treatment should act on both of these pathogenetic components. It is known that cSrc kinase is involved in bone and cartilage remodeling, and SYK kinase is associated with the inflammatory component. Thus the aim of this study was to characterize the mechanism of action and efficacy of a small molecule multikinase inhibitor MT-SYK-03 targeting SYK and cSrc kinases among others in different in vitro and in vivo arthritis models. The selectivity of MT-SYK-03 kinase inhibition was assayed on a panel of 341 kinases. The compound was evaluated in a set of in vitro models of OA and in vivo OA and RA models: surgically-induced arthritis (SIA), monosodium iodoacetate-induced arthritis (MIA), collagen-induced arthritis (CIA), adjuvant-induced arthritis (AIA). MT-SYK-03 inhibited cSrc and SYK with IC of 14.2 and 23 nM respectively. Only five kinases were inhibited > 90% at 500 nM of MT-SYK-03. In in vitro OA models MT-SYK-03 reduced hypertrophic changes of chondrocytes, bone resorption, and inhibited SYK-mediated inflammatory signaling. MT-SYK-03 showed preferential distribution to joint and bone tissue (in rats) and revealed disease-modifying activity in vivo by halving the depth of cartilage erosion in rat SIA model, and increasing the pain threshold in rat MIA model. Chondroprotective and antiresorptive effects were shown in a monotherapy regime and in combination with methotrexate (MTX) in murine and rat CIA models; an immune-mediated inflammation in rat AIA model was decreased. The obtained preclinical data support inhibition of cSrc and SYK as a viable strategy for disease-modifying treatment of OA. A Phase 2 clinical study of MT-SYK-03 is to be started.