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Papers: 10 Jul 2021 - 16 Jul 2021

Human Studies



Brain Commun



Abnormalities in cortical pattern of coherence in migraine detected using ultra high-density EEG.


Chamanzar A, Haigh SM, Grover P, Behrmann M
Brain Commun. 2021; 3(2):fcab061.
PMID: 34258580.


Individuals with migraine generally experience photophobia and/or phonophobia during and between migraine attacks. Many different mechanisms have been postulated to explain these migraine phenomena including abnormal patterns of connectivity across the cortex. The results, however, remain contradictory and there is no clear consensus on the nature of the cortical abnormalities in migraine. Here, we uncover alterations in cortical patterns of coherence (connectivity) in interictal migraineurs during the presentation of visual and auditory stimuli and during rest. We used a high-density EEG system, with 128 customized electrode locations, to compare inter- and intra-hemispheric coherence in the interictal period from 17 individuals with migraine (12 female) and 18 age- and gender-matched healthy control subjects. During presentations of visual (vertical grating pattern) and auditory (modulated tone) stimulation which varied in temporal frequency (4 and 6 Hz), and during rest, participants performed a colour detection task at fixation. Analyses included characterizing the inter- and intra-hemisphere coherence between the scalp EEG channels over 2-s time intervals and over different frequency bands at different spatial distances and spatial clusters. Pearson's correlation coefficients were estimated at zero-lag. Repeated measures analyses-of-variance revealed that, relative to controls, migraineurs exhibited significantly (i) faster colour detection performance, (ii) lower spatial coherence of alpha-band activity, for both inter- and intra-hemisphere connections, and (iii) the reduced coherence occurred predominantly in frontal clusters during both sensory conditions, regardless of the stimulation frequency, as well as during the resting-state. The abnormal patterns of EEG coherence in interictal migraineurs during visual and auditory stimuli, as well as at rest (eyes open), may be associated with the cortical hyper-responsivity that is characteristic of abnormal sensory processing in migraineurs.