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2018 Feb 20

Bio Protoc



Assaying Thermo-nociceptive Behavior in Larvae.


Petersen M, Tenedini F, Hoyer N, Kutschera F, Soba P
Bio Protoc. 2018 Feb 20; 8(4):e2737.
PMID: 34179265.


Thermo-nociception, the detection and behavioral response to noxious temperatures, is a highly conserved action to avoid injury and ensure survival. Basic molecular mechanisms of thermal responses have been elucidated in several model organisms and are of clinical relevance as thermal hypersensitivity (thermos-allodynia) is common in neuropathic pain syndromes. larvae show stereotyped escape behavior upon noxious heat stimulation, which can be easily quantified and coupled with molecular genetic approaches. It has been successfully used to elucidate key molecular components and circuits involved in thermo-nociceptive responses. We provide a detailed and updated protocol of this previously described method ( Tracey , 2003 ) to apply a defined local heat stimulus to larvae using a fast-regulating hot probe.