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Papers of the Week

2021 May 19

Med Vet Entomol

Mosquito Magnet® traps as a potential means of monitoring blackflies of medical and veterinary importance.


López-Peña D, Hawkes FM, Gibson GI, Johnston C, Vaux AGC, Lis-Cantín Á, Medlock JM, Cheke RA
Med Vet Entomol. 2021 May 19.
PMID: 34013620.


Mosquito Magnet® traps, deployed in widespread parts of England as part of nationwide mosquito surveillance projects, also caught blackflies. As many as 1242 blackflies were caught in a trapping session lasting 4 days. Principal among the species caught were Simulium equinum, Simulium lineatum and Simulium ornatum s.l. As S. ornatum s.l. is a vector that transmits Onchocerca linealis to cattle and S. equinum is responsible for dermatitis ('sweet itch') in cattle and horses, it is suggested that Mosquito Magnet® traps could be used to monitor and partially control these pests, as well as nuisance anthropophilic blackflies such as Simulium posticatum that can cause simuliidosis in southern England.