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2021 Apr 28

Animals (Basel)



Ultrasound-Guided Funicular Block: Ropivacaine Injection into the Tissue around the Spermatic Cord to Improve Analgesia during Orchiectomy in Dogs.


Cicirelli V, Debidda P, Maggio N, Caira M, Lacalandra GM, Aiudi GG
Animals (Basel). 2021 Apr 28; 11(5).
PMID: 33925210.


Orchiectomy is a common surgical procedure performed on small animals, and it requires postoperative pain management despite its relative simplicity. This study aimed to evaluate the hemodynamic stability, intraoperative administration of additional hypnotic and/or analgesic drugs, and postoperative pain scores following the combination of ultrasound-guided injection of ropivacaine hydrochloride into the spermatic cord and infiltration by the same anaesthetic of the incisional prescrotal line (ROP) or general anaesthesia. Dogs in the ROP group showed greater intraoperative hemodynamic stability and lower pain scores than the control group. The locoregional approach used in this study proved effective in minimising the responses to the surgical stimulus and ensured adequate analgesia intra- and postoperatively. This method, called ultrasound-guided funicular block, allows orchiectomy to be performed under deep sedation without general anaesthesia.