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2021 Mar 05

Neurol Sci

Vestibular migraine: the chameleon in vestibular disease.


Li M, Xu X, Qi W, Liang Y, Huang Y, Huang H
Neurol Sci. 2021 Mar 05.
PMID: 33666767.


Vestibular migraine (VM) has been recently receiving increasing attention as an independent disease concept. It is a common cause of dizziness or headache; however, it was not clearly defined until 2018. Its diagnosis mainly relies on clinical history, including vertigo and migraine, as indicated by the appendix of the 3 edition of the International Classification Diagnostic Criteria for Headache Diseases. There is often an overlap of vertigo and migraine across vestibular diseases; therefore, VM often imitates various vestibular diseases. Additionally, VM lacks specific laboratory biomarkers; therefore, it has high misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis rates. Therefore, numerous clinical patients could have inaccurate diagnoses and improper treatment. Therefore, there is a need for further basic research to further clarify the pathogenesis. Moreover, there is a need for clinical trials focusing on specific laboratory biomarkers, including serological, radiological, and electrophysiological examinations, to develop more detailed and complete diagnostic criteria.