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Papers: 10 Aug 2019 - 16 Aug 2019

Pharmacology/Drug Development

2019 Sep

Trends Pharmacol Sci



Targeting TRP Channels – Valuable Alternatives to Combat Pain, Lower Urinary Tract Disorders, and Type 2 Diabetes?


Voets T, Vriens J, Vennekens R
Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2019 Sep; 40(9):669-683.
PMID: 31395287.


Transient receptor potential (TRP) channels are a family of functionally diverse and widely expressed cation channels involved in a variety of cell signaling and sensory pathways. Research in the last two decades has not only shed light on the physiological roles of the 28 mammalian TRP channels, but also revealed the involvement of specific TRP channels in a plethora of inherited and acquired human diseases. Considering the historical successes of other types of ion channels as therapeutic drug targets, small molecules that target specific TRP channels hold promise as treatments for a variety of human conditions. In recent research, important new findings have highlighted the central role of TRP channels in chronic pain, lower urinary tract disorders, and type 2 diabetes, conditions with an unmet medical need. Here, we discuss how these advances support the development of TRP-channel-based pharmacotherapies as valuable alternatives to the current mainstays of treatment.