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Papers: 9 Feb 2019 - 15 Feb 2019


Animal Studies, Pharmacology/Drug Development

2019 Mar 20




The gap junction inhibitor INI-0602 attenuates mechanical allodynia and depression-like behaviors induced by spared nerve injury in rats.


Zhang X-M, Wang L-Z, He B, Xiang Y-K, Fan L-X, Wang Q, Tao L
Neuroreport. 2019 Mar 20; 30(5):369-377.
PMID: 30741784.


Gap junctions (GJs) are novel molecular targets for pain therapeutics due to their pain-promoting function. INI-0602, a new GJ inhibitor, exerts a neuroprotective role, while its role in neuropathic pain is unclear. The objective was to investigate the analgesic role and mechanisms of INI-0602 in neuropathic pain induced by spared nerve injury (SNI), and whether INI-0602 attenuated pain-induced depression-like behaviors. Rats were randomly assigned to saline treatment groups (sham+NS and SNI+NS) or INI-0602 treatment groups (sham+INI-0602 and SNI+INI-0602). The von Frey test was used to assess pain behavior, and the sucrose preference test, the forced swimming test, and the tail suspension test were used to assess depression-like behaviors. Gap junction intercellular communication (GJIC) was measured by parachute assay. Western blots were used to determine the protein expression. In vitro, INI-0602 significantly suppressed GJIC by decreasing connexin43 and connexin32 expression. In vivo, INI-0602 significantly suppressed mechanical allodynia during initiation (7 days after SNI) and the maintenance phase (21 days after SNI) and simultaneously attenuated accompanying depression-like behaviors. Furthermore, INI-0602 markedly suppressed the activation of astrocytes and microglia on days 7 and 21 by reducing GJIC. Finally, INI-0602 reversed the changes in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor and Nr2b subunits of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor in SNI rats, suggesting that these effects of INI-0602 were related to its analgesic effect. Our findings demonstrated that blocking GJs with INI-0602 attenuated mechanical pain hypersensitivity and related depression-like behaviors in SNI rats by reducing glial activation.