Happy New Year from IASP

Jan 12, 2021

Dear Members,

As we begin 2021 and look forward to what is ahead, we extend our gratitude for your continued support of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts have been unique and extraordinary, requiring all of us to think and act in new ways. Your ongoing dedication to pain research and clinical practice does not go unnoticed during this trying time. We appreciate our members who have been on the front lines of this situation and thank you for valiantly working to serve your communities over the past year. Throughout this odd time, which has lasted longer than many of us could have imagined, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to you and to the work you continue to do every single day.  

We continue to deliver on our commitment to providing you with access to world-class education and research, networking opportunities, and career-enhancing activities as we introduce resources and innovative experiences that will keep you at the forefront of new research and clinical advances in the field of pain science.  

Enabled by robust tools, resources, and a deep understanding of your needs in a virtual environment, we currently offer the IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo (taking place through March). Later this month, we will be introducing our first Data Blitz, a series of short talks providing a fast-paced overview of exciting new research. As we begin planning for our virtual World Congress, we are investigating ways to improve the member experience while delivering world-class scientific content.  

We look forward to revealing an updated IASP website. This much-awaited improvement will better reflect our mission and content and serve as a valued space to share with the global pain community. At the same time, we will be introducing a refreshed look and feel to the IASP brand, which we are most excited to unveil with the website.  

Finally, we look forward to delivering even more educational resources. The 2021 Global Year About Back Pain aims to help the global community understand the nature of back pain and the utility of available treatment modalities by providing free resources and tools in multiple languages. IASP Pain Research Forum (PRF) webinars have recently become a member benefit, granting free access to IASP members; each session is US$25 for nonmembers.  

Thank you for your support, for the special care and research you deliver to the field of pain, and for the enduring service you provide in your communities. We look forward to the New Year and how our work together will help improve pain relief worldwide.  


Kind Regards,  


Claudia Sommer, MD  


Colleen Delaney Eubanks, CAE  

Chief Executive Officer