IASP History

In May 1973, University of Washington anesthesiology professor John J. Bonica convened an interdisciplinary group of pain researchers and clinicians to discuss the need for a professional organization dedicated to pain research and management. Dr. Bonica’s vision was to provide an egalitarian, interdisciplinary, and international forum to improve knowledge about pain, improve the education of health-care providers, and improve the care of patients.  IASP was incorporated on May 9, 1974.

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First Steps Early Years of IASP CoverFirst Steps: The Early Years of IASP 1973-1984

First Steps: The Early Years of IASP 1973-1984 is a set of memoirs written by former IASP Executive Officer Louisa E. Jones. It was published and distributed in conjunction with the 13th World Congress on Pain in Montréal, Canada.