Orofacial Pain

Orofacial pain is a frequent form of pain perceived in the face and/or oral cavity. It may be caused by diseases or disorders of regional structures, dysfunction of the nervous system, or through referral from distant sources.

Resources in this section include a series of fact sheets examining the many aspects of orofacial pain, a poster, and other resources to help you learn more about this form of pain. Many of these resources are available to download free of charge.

William Maixner, DDS PhD, chair of the IASP Special Interest Group on Orofacial Pain, led an international IASP task force to plan this year’s campaign and create the fact sheets.

These Fact Sheets for the Global Year Against Orofacial Pain have been revised and translated into several languages by members of the SIG on Orofacial Pain.

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French (Translations by Paul Pionchon, France)
  • Hebrew (Translations by Galit Almoznino, Yaron Haviv, and Yair Sharav, Israel, and Efraim Winocur, Argentina)
  • Japanese (Translations by Yoshiki Imamura, Osamu Komiyama, Wataru Muraoka, Noboru Noma, Akiko Okada-Ogawa, Masakazu Okubo, and Koichi Wajima, Japan)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Translations by Cibele Nasri-Heir, USA, Brazil)
  • Spanish (Translations by Jose de la Hoz and Antonio Romero, Spain)


2016 Orofacial Pain Fact Sheet Committee

Chair, Editor: Gary M. Heir (USA)

Editors/Authors – 2016

  • Rafael Benoliel (USA)
  • Eli Eliav (USA)
  • Gary Heir (USA)
  • Giles Levigne (Canada)
  • Cibele Nasri-Heir (USA/Brazil)
  • Jose de la Hoz (Spain)
  • Richard Orbach (USA)
  • Tara Renton (UK)
  • Joanna Zakrzewska (UK)

Past Contributors

  • Briand Cairns (Canada)
  • Antoon DeLaat (Belgium)
  • Mark Drangsholt (USA)
  • Jutin Durham (UK)
  • Pei Feng Lim (USA)
  • Koichi Iwata (Japan)
  • Sukhbir Mokha (USA)
  • Don Nixdorf (USA)
  • Eka Perez Franco (Panama)
  • Maria Pigg (Sweden)
  • Barry Sessle (Canada)
  • Peter Svensson (Denmark)
  • Claudia Tambeli (Brazil)

Editiorial Reviewer

  • Jennifer Bassiur (USA) 

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