IASP Developing Countries Project: Initiative for Improving Pain Education

PURPOSE: The IASP Developing Countries Project addresses the need for improved pain education and practice in developing countries by providing support grants. These grants aim to strengthen the scope and availability of essential education for pain clinicians of all disciplines, taking into account specific local needs and encouraging innovative approaches. Grants for up to US$10,000 may be awarded.


Funds may be used for such projects as combining practical instruction with theory, developing specific written teaching materials, creating distance-learning materials, or developing or implementing institutional policy changes in pain education and practice.


TIMELINE: The application submission period opens January 8, 2020 and closes on March 17, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern U.S. time. IASP will announce the grant awards by early May, and will disburse the funding upon satisfactory execution of the grant agreement between IASP and the grantee’s nonprofit institution.


ELIGIBILITY: The principal organizer

  • must be based in a developing country (see list of eligible countries),
  • must have been a member of IASP for at least one year at the time of application, and
  • must not have received the same award in the previous year.


Preference is given in the review process to candidates who are graduates of IASP pain camps and/or are from low-income and low-middle income countries, as defined by the World Bank. Candidates meeting these criteria are especially encouraged to apply.  


Applications should be for one-year projects that are ready to begin within three months of the date of submitting this application.


Grants will not be awarded for projects that are in the planning stages.


Projects must have specific start and completion dates.


Applicants must identify the total funds necessary for the project and the additional sources of funding. Projects may not total more than US$10,000.


Projects that are multidisciplinary in nature are particularly desirable, although this is not essential.


If awarded, no funds will be sent to personal accounts. The grant award must be administered for the project organizers by a nonprofit institution, association, or organization, with the understanding that no fees or overhead will be charged to IASP for this educational grant, or taken from the award.


Award recipients must agree to submit to IASP a quarterly progress report and a detailed final report within three months of the project’s completion. The final report should include the following details:

    • The original aims of the project and a general assessment of its value; this must include measurable outcomes (measures of the impact and/or results of the project).
    • The number of persons taking part in the project and their professional status (undergraduates, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals).
    • Details of the program format, assessment methods, and results, including a final measure of the project's impact. This includes the intended long-term follow-up with the participants or materials.
    • A record of any problems or difficulties encountered during the project.
    • A description of how the project can be developed and improved in the long term.
    • A financial statement accounting for the use of all the funds.



The application submission period opens January 8, 2020. For more information about the online application process, please review the online application guidelines


You will need to complete and upload the following documents into the online system:


  • A short-version curriculum vitae. The template is available here and through the online grant application system.
  • A proposed budget. The required template is available here and through the online grant application system.
  • A final signature in the e-signature box and your full name.


IASP will not consider incomplete applications or applications that were not submitted via online system.


FINAL INFORMATION: Candidates who require assistance with writing their proposal may email grants@iasp-pain.org by January 15, 2020, stating the title of your project and the area of interest (e.g. cancer pain, pain education for nurses, etc.).


Please contact grants@iasp-pain.org if you have any questions, or call +1-202-856-7400.


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