Winners: IASP Developing Countries Project


IASP awarded six grants totaling US$50,000 (alphabetized by country):

Colombia Organizer: Dr. Marta Martín-Carbonell, Design and pilot study of an online course to empower health professionals in the care of elderly pain in Santa Marta, Colombia

Kenya Organizer: Dr. Zipporah Ali, Improving Cancer Pain Management in Seven New Cancer Treatment Centers in Kenya

Mozambique Organizer: Dr. Emília da Felicidade Venturas Pinto Miquidade, Post-operative Pain: Educational courses for physicians, nurses, and anesthesia technicians

Myanmar Organizer: Dr. Khin Myo Hla, Educational Training course on management of "Common Musculoskeletal Pain conditions" at the Primary Health Care Level and Community- pilot project

Nepal Organizer: Dr. Mohammad Ruhullah, Orthopedic Pain Assessment and Management Workshop for Primary Healthcare Providers

Nigeria Organizer: Dr. Saidu Yakubu, A Multidisciplinary Peri-operative Pain Prevention and Management Education for Surgical Patients, Nurses, Surgeons and Anaesthetists in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) Zaria – Nigeria


IASP awarded six grants totaling US$50,050 (alphabetized by country):

Brazil Organizer: Dr. Fabianna Moraleida, Low Back Pain Education in Primary Care: Empowering Health Professionals and Patients to Manage Low Back Pain in the Northeast of Brazil

Iraq Organizer: Dr. April Gamble, Building Capacity in Pain Science for Physiotherapists Working with Vulnerable Populations in the Semi-Autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Nigeria Organizer: Dr. Tonia Onyeka, Project OPUS – Online Pain Education for Nigerian Medical Undergraduate Students

Pakistan Organizer: Dr. Ali Sarfraz Siddiqui, Pain Assessment in Critically Ill Patients: Educational Courses for Physicians and Nursing Staff of Intensive Care Units across Sindh Province of Pakistan

South Africa/Uganda Organizer: Dr. Annamarie Oberholzer, PEP-Talks for nursing students on pain in children

Uganda Organizer: Dr. Mhoira Leng, Empowering health care professionals through education to improve the management of pain in paediatric palliative care


IASP awarded seven grants totaling US$50,000 (alphabetized by country):

Brazil Organizer: Dr. Almeida-Leite, Multidisciplinary Orofacial Pain Education for Dental and Physical Therapy Students and Patients in Minas Gerais, Brazil

China Organizer Dr. Jaile Hu of China, Using Social Media to Develop and Implement an e-Learning Program on Pain after Surgery for Health Care Professionals in China

India Organizer: Dr. Nimisha Verma, The Art of Managing Pain: An Educational Intervention for Care Givers of Cancer Patients in India

India Organizer: Dr. Kavitha Raja, Development of Learning Materials to Complement Pain Education of Physiotherapists in Indian Universities

Kosovo Organizer: Dr. Adem Bytyqi, Reducing Variability in Care of Surgical Patients in One Hospital in Kosovo

Malaysia Organizer: Dr. Farah Khalid, Empowering Parents to Manage Pain in Children with Severe Neurological Impairment through a Mobile-based Information Technology Pain Education Program

Nepal Organizer: Dr. Renu Gurung, Essential Pain Management Workshop for Health Professionals


IASP awarded 10 grants totaling US$99,450 (listed alphabetically by country):

China Organizer: Dr. Li Li, Competency-Based Education for Surgical Nurses to Improve Post-operative Pain Management

India Organizer: Dr. M. R. Rajagopal, Virtual Interactive Education on What's New for Managing Persistent Severe Pain in India

Jordan Organizer: Dr. Nadin Abdel Razeq, A training program to strengthen neonatal nurses’ competencies of pain assessment and management in neonates and infants

Pakistan Organizer: Dr. Anwar Shahzad, Pain Education and Training for Family Physicians of Punjab, Pakistan

Philippines Organizer: Dr. Rizza Jane Parico, Improving Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses on Post-Operative Pain Management in Level I and II Hospitals in Palawan

Romania Organizer: Dr. Laura Ailioaie, Multidisciplinary Educational Course for Physical Therapists to Help Patients and Families in Chronic Pain Management at Home

Romania Organizer: Dr. Mungiu Ostin, Defining Competencies in Pain Management

South Africa Organizer: Dr. Romy Parker, Strategic Training in the Assessment and Management of Pain to Improve Patient OUTcomes--the STAMP-OUT Pain Project

Sudan Organizer: Dr. Nahla Gafer, Setting a Post-graduate Training in Pain and Palliative Care

(the first in the country)

Uganda Organizer: Dr. Anne Merriman, First Steps: Supporting Palliative Care Trainees to Implement Pain Management among Patients with Cancer and other Life-limiting Conditions in Rural Uganda


IASP awarded seven grants totaling US$73,302 (alphabetized by country):

Brazil Organizer: Dr. Eliseth Leao, Identification and Treatment of Homeless Pain

China Organizer: Dr. Lingxiao Wang, A Multidisciplinary Pain Education Course on Managing Osteoarthritis Pain for Primary Health Providers in Guangzhou, China

China Organizer: Dr. Hong Xiao, A Pain Education Course for Multidisciplinary Primary Practitioners in the Community Hospital of Sichuan Province

Pakistan Organizer: Dr. Fauzia Khan, Addressing Pain Assessment and Management in Paediatric Anaesthesia and Surgery, Basic Introductory Courses

Uganda Organizer: Dr. Andrew Kwikiriza, Improving Burn and Wound Care-Associated Pain Through the Development of Focused Educational Initiatives and Analgesia Protocols in Mbarara, Uganda

Uganda Organizer: Dr. Mhoira Leng, Improving nurses' and pharmacists' pain recognition, assessment and management skills in Mulago and Kiruddu hospitals in Uganda

Romania Organizer: Dr. Vladimir Poroch, Physicians' Education for Pain in NE Romania" - PEPNER

Ukraine Organizer: Dr. Vladimir Romanenko, Implementing IASP Core Curriculum in Medical Student Undergraduate Education in Ukraine


10 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):


17 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Armenia Organizer: Narine Movsisyan
  • China Organizer: Hong Xiao
  • China Organizer: Li Li
  • Guyana Organizer: Andrew Amata
  • India Organizer: Babita Ghai
  • India Organizer: M.R. Rajagopal
  • India Organizer: Palanisamy Vijayanand
  • Kenya Organizer: Hellen Kariuki
  • Kenya Organizer: Speciosa Kimenye
  • Moldova Organizer: Adrian Belii
  • Morocco Organizer: Abderrahmane Chahidi
  • Pakistan Organizer: Brigadier Mohammad Salim
  • Pakistan Organizer: Samina Ismail
  • Sudan Organizer: Nahla Gafer
  • Uganda Organizer: Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care Hospice Africa Uganda (Founder and Primary Organizer: Anne Merriman)
  • Ukraine Organizer: Igor Radchuk
  • USA-Ghana Organizer: Kybele, Inc.(President: Medge Owen)


14 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Brazil Organizer: Marcia Morete
  • China Organizer: Yuxiang Li
  • Egypt Organizer: Hemat Allam
  • India Organizer: Sukanya Mitra
  • Kenya Organizer: O'Brien Kyololo
  • Kenya Organizer: Zipporah Ali
  • Kosovo Organizer: Adem Bytyqi
  • Mozambique Organizers: Romauld Djitte and Therese Schwalbach
  • Pakistan Organizer: Gauhar Afshan
  • Pakistan Organizer: Safia Siddiqui
  • Philippines Organizer: Noel Pingoy
  • Romania Organizer: Anna Maria Boeru
  • Romania Organizer: Maria Magdalena Leon
  • Uganda Organizer: Anne Merriman


13 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Albania Organizer: Albert Leka
  • Argentina Organizers: Pablo Brumovsky and Graciela Rovner
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Organizer: Amira Karkin-Tais
  • China Organizer: YingGe Tong
  • China Organizer: Hong Xiao
  • Georgia Organizer: Nanuli Ninashvili
  • India Organizer: Ashok Kumar
  • India Organizer: Jagdish Chaturvedi
  • Kenya Organizers: Helen Kariuki and Dave Otieno
  • Liberia Organizer: Augustine Manneh Sumo
  • Nigeria Organizer: Elizabeth Ogboli Nwasor
  • Russia Organizer: Maxim Churyukanov
  • Thailand Organizer: Srisuda Ngamkham


15 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Brazil Organizer: J.B. Garcia
  • Brazil Organizer: H. Ashmawi
  • Cambodia Organizer: K. Om
  • China Organizer: L. Li
  • Guyana Organizer: V. Mitchell
  • Kenya Organizer: T. Sharif
  • Mozambique Organizers: T. Schwalbach, R. Djitte
  • Nigeria Organizer: K.W. Wahab
  • Pakistan Organizer: G. Afshan
  • Palestine Organizer: K. Elessi
  • Paraguay Organizer: G. Alizeche Almeida
  • Romania Organizer: C. Ancuta
  • Thailand Organizer: N. Prasertsri
  • Ukraine Organizer: I. Lisnyy
  • Vietnam Organizers: D.T. Huy, A.T.Nguyen, B. Darnall


15 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Brazil Organizer: A. Alvarez
  • Brazil Organizer: J. Sarda
  • China Organizer: J.S. Han
  • China Organizer: Y.G. Tong
  • Fiji Organizer: R. Goucke
  • Ghana Organizer: A. Antwi-Kusi
  • Kenya Organizer: H. Kariuki
  • Laos Organizer: Vanpheng Norasingh
  • Malaysia Organizer: Z. Osman
  • Mongolia Organizer: B. Yondonjamts
  • Nigeria Organizer: N. Ogbali Nwasor
  • Romania Organizer: B. Tamba
  • South Africa Organizer: R. Parker
  • Sri Lanka Organizer: R. Pallegama
  • Vietnam Organizer: C. Perruchoud


12 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Albania Organizer: E. Salaria
  • Armenia Organizer: N.S. Yeghiazaryan
  • Brazil Organizer: M. Bueno
  • China Organizer: J. Zhao
  • Croatia Organizer: L. Puljak
  • India Organizer: M. Rajagopal
  • Kenya Organizer: D. Otieno
  • Malaysia Organizer: R. Vijayan
  • Nigeria Organizer: A.O. Akinpelu
  • Romania Organizer: V. Bild
  • Romania Organizer: I. Jaba
  • Serbia Organizer: M.S. Bosnjak


9 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Argentina Organizer: A. Scharovsky
  • Bosnia-Hezogovina Organizer: K. Karkin-Tais
  • Colombia Organizer: M. Leon Delgado
  • Egypt Organizer: O. Tawfik
  • Guyana Organizer: A. Amata
  • Kenya Organizer: H. Kariuki
  • Peru Organizer: M. Goyburu Molina
  • Phillippines Organizer: M. Manalo
  • Romania Organizer: O.C. Mungiu


10 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Colombia Organizer: A.M. Cadavid-Calle
  • India Organizer: S.K. Chaturvedi
  • India Organizer: T. Doctor
  • India Organizer: G.P. Dureja
  • Kenya Organizer: N.B. Patel
  • Lithuania Organizer: R. Sargautyte
  • Nigeria Organizer: A.B. Ofi
  • Poland Organizer: J. Dobrogowski
  • Romania Organizer: C. Ailioaie
  • Thailand Organizer: P. Chaudakshetrin


10 grants were awarded (listed alphabetically by country):

  • Bosnia-Herzogovina Organizer: A. Karkin-Tais
  • Brazil Organizer: M.J. Teixeira
  • China Organizers: J.S. Han, B.F. Fan
  • China Organizer: J. Zhao
  • Egypt Organizer: M. El-Ansary
  • Indonesia Organizer: H. Kalim
  • Kenya Organizer: A. Amata
  • Nigeria Organizer: S. Amanor-Boadu
  • Philippines Organizer: J. Que
  • Poland Organizer: A. Stachowiak


  • Lilian Hennemann, Peter Spiegel, Tereza Cristina, Lourenco Silva, Ricardo Joaquim da Cunha Junior, Luiz Augusto Rodrigues de Aqunio, and Gisele Cazale Bonioli (Brazil)
  • Ana Luisa Muñoz, MD, Miguel Fodor, MD, Renato Verdugo, MD, Carlo Paolinelli, MD, and Prof. Carlos Paeile (Chile)
  • Benjamin Dominguez Trejo, J. Rafael Hernandez Santos, Yolanda Olvera Lopez, Consuelo Hernandez Troncoso, and Irma Zaldivar Martinez (Mexico)