IASP Early Career Research Grant Award Winners


  • Dr. Paulino Barragan-Iglesias, Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (Mexico): "Deciphering mechanisms underlying virus-evoked painful neuropathies"
  • Dr. Jerry Kalangara, Emory University and Atlanta VA Health Care System (USA): "Functional evaluation of humoral immunity in a real-world cohort of opioid users."


  • Dr. Amanda Stone, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Project (USA): "The influence of childhood chronic pain history on parenting and pain-related risk in offspring: A longitudinal cohort study"
  • Dr. Simple Futarmal Kothari, Aarhus University Project (Denmark): “From pain in the face to perceptual distortion: Exploring mechanisms and novel treatment strategies”
  • Dr. Carolina Beraldo Meloto, McGill University Project (Canada): “A role for bisphenol-A in chronic pain: Study in humans and mice”


  • Candice Paulsen, Yale University (USA). Project: “Uncovering the regulation of TRPA1 by irritants and proteins”
  • Amaury Francois, Université de Montpellier (France). Project: : “Contribution of C-LTMRs and Insular cortex to hedonic touch and the development of anxiety and depressive disorders associated with chronic pain”


  • Lisa Carlesso, Université de Montréal (Canada) Project: Pain Phenotyping of People with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Latent Profile Analysis with relationships to function, physical performance and healthcare utilization
  • Jennifer Deuis, The University of Queensland (Australia) Project: Developing novel treatment approaches for the rare genetic disease inherited erythromelalgia
  • Cornelius Groenewald, Seattle Children's Hospital and University of Washington (United States) Project: Phenotype and genotype correlates underlying the temporal relationship between adolescent chronic pain and prescription opioid misuse in adulthood 
  • Maria Maiaru, University College London (United Kingdom) Project: Could FKBP51 control chronic pain via modulation of the autophagic pathways?
  • Marc Martel, McGill University (Canada) Project: Biological and psychological determinants of opioid craving among chronic pain patients prescribed opioid therapy
  • Massieh Moayedi, University of Toronto (Canada) Project: A neurocomputational investigation of pain-cognition interactions


  • Rachel Miller, Rush University Medical Center (USA) Project: A Functional Imaging Approach to Probe the Role of Mechanosensory Neurons in Experimental Osteoarthritis Knee Pain
  • Hugues Petitjean, McGill University (Canada) Project: Investigations of pruning of inhibitory synaptic contacts onto PKCgamma dorsal horn neurons after nerve injury
  • Dimitiri Van Ryckeghem, Ghent University (Belgium) Project: Attention bias for pain: A dynamic and contextual approach


  • Line Caes, NUI, Galway (Ireland) Project: Parent-child mutual interactions during preschoolers' everyday pain experiences: a pilot study
  • Hugo Leite-Almeida - ICVS/3B's - PT Government Associate Laboratory, University of Minho, Braga (Portugal) Project: Impulsive decision-making in rats with chronic neuropathic pain – the role of accumbal dopaminergic (dys)function
  • Niamh Moloney, Macquarie University, Sidney (Australia) Project: Predicting the development of persistent pain after breast cancer treatment
  • Mathieu Roy, PERFORM Center, Concordia University, Montreal (Canada) Project: No pain, no gain: a neuroimaging investigation of the cerebral mechanisms underlying making decisions between pain avoidance and reward seeking
  • Annina Schmid, Oxford University, Oxford (United Kingdom) Project: A novel approach to understanding injury and regeneration in patients with entrapment neuropathies
  • Yi Ye, New York University, New York (USA) Project: Resolvin D2 as a novel therapy for head and neck cancer progression and pain


  • Margarita Calvo Bascunan (Chile) Project: Investigating a novel mechanism of hypersensitivity induced by exclusive damage to epidermal nerve fiber: neuropathic pain in Epidermolysis Bullosa
  • Robert Ernest Sorge (USA) Project: The effect of diet and dietary intervention on behavioral and physiological indices of pain in rats
  • Michael E. Hildebrand (Canada) Project: Spinal cord ion channels in acute and chronic pain signaling
  • Chi Tonglien Viet (USA) Project: Mechanisms of OPRM1 Regulation in Head and Neck Cancer Pain
  • Sara Marinelli (Italy) Project: Botulinum Neurotoxin type A as pharmacological tool for controlling pain and inflammation in murine model of spinal contusion: effects on spinal cord regeneration
  • Franziska Denk (UK) Project: Investigating the role of DNA methyltransferases in persistent pain using a transgenic approach
  • Saad Nagi (Australia) Project: Role of C-tactile Fibers in Pain Processing: Experimental and Clinical Investigations
  • Ewan St. John Smith (UK) Project: Determining the impact of tissue acidosis on nociceptor excitability in inflammatory pain


  • Jennifer Gibbs (USA) Project: TRPM8 receptor expression and function in afferents of the dental pulp
  • Isabel Martins (Portugal) Project: Opioid-induced hyperalgesia: unravelling the role of a pain facilitatory area of the brain
  • Marco Loggia (USA) Project: An in-vivo investigation of brain inflammation in fibromyalgia with integrated PET/MR imaging
  • Djane Duarte (Brazil) Project: Targeting peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors-gamma (PPARy) for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy treatment


  • Charlet, Alexandre (Switzerland) Project: Involvement of astrocytes in the endogenous oxytocin modification of amygdala microcircuits
  • Jankowski, Michael (USA) Project: Peripheral mechanisms of musculoskeletal pain after ischemic tissue injury
  • Andreou, Anna (UK) Project: Hypothalamic modulation of the sensory thalamus in migraine
  • Godinho, Fabio (Brazil) Project: Compassional modulation of pain in Parkinson?s disease patients: the effect of bilateral pallidothalamic tractotomy on compassional pain modulation and the role of subthalamic nucleus on empathy to pain. A behavioral, neurophysiological and neurosurgical study
  • Capuano, Alessandro (Italy) Project: Familial aggregation of putative biomarkers of migraine: A family- based pilot stud
  • Woo, Kevin (Canada) Project: Pain and delayed wound healing: the mediating effect of psychological stress and inflammatory response
  • Diers, Martin (Germany) Project: Seeing what you feel behind: neuronal correlates of seeing painful stimulation
  • Leffler, Andreas (Germany) Project: Targeting TRP-channels other than TRPV1 for topical analgesia by induction of neurotoxicity


  • Cunha, Thiago (Brazil) Project: Investigation of the role of DAMPs/pattern recognition receptors in the development of chronic pain
  • Fabrizi, Lorenzo (UK) Project: A multimodal approach to the study of pain in nonverbal individuals
  • Linnman, Clas (USA) Project: Do mechanisms for functional recruitment of the periaqueductal gray differ between men and women with interictal migraine?
  • Vervoort, Tine (Belgium) Project: Parental attentional processing of and behavioral responses to their child's pain
  • Vetter, Irina (Australia) Project: Development of a mouse model of ciguatoxin-induced cold allodynia to dissect the underlying mechanisms of cold pain


  • Boettger, Michael, MD (Germany) Project: Blood-induced arthritis as a model for hyperalgesia – a translational approach to examine the underlying mechanisms of joint pain in hemophilia
  • Colloca, Luana, PhD (USA) Project: The potential role on placebo analgesia of the production of OXT (oxytocin) in the brain will be investigated by using a behavioral and pharmacological OXT agonist and antagonist approach
  • Cordero-Erausquin, Matilde, PhD (France) Project: Functional connectivity of spinal cholinergic interneurons: a keystone for cholinergic analgesia
  • Mouraux, André, PhD (Belgium) Project: Steady-state evoked potentials will be used to explore the cortical processing of nociceptive input
  • Taguchi, Toru, DSc (Japan) Project: Looking at the fascia not only as supportive tissue, but also as a sensory organ that originates nociceptive information, this research will investigate the peripheral thin-fiber afferents with fascia receptive fields


  • Marucia Chacur (Brazil) Project: Muscle Pain: A behavioral and electrophysiological model
  • Durga Mohapatra (USA) Project: Distinct Chemokine modulation of TRPV1 in prostate cancer pain
  • Otilia Obreja (Germany) Project: Axonal excitability in nociceptors
  • Petra Schweinhardt (Germany) Project: The effects of central D2-receptor blockade on pain sensitivity and pain modulatory capacity in male and female volunteers
  • Camilla Svensson (Sweden) Project: Inflammatory and neuropathic pain – role of spinal mTOR


  • Pablo Brumovsky, MD, PhD (USA) Project: Vesicular glutamate transporters and chronic visceral pain
  • David Seminowicz, PhD (Canada) Project: The effects of chronic pain on functional and structural brain networks
  • Till Sprenger, Dr. Med (Germany) Project: Lesion mapping and somatosensory patterns in patients suffering from thalamic pain
  • Stefaan Van Damme, PhD (Belgium) Project: The role of goal pursuit in maladaptive responses to pain
  • Suellen Walker, PhD (UK) Project: Repeated surgery and pain: early life effects