Dr. Kavitha Raja (India)

2015 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"Imparting the IASP pain curriculum to physiotherapists and physiotherapy post- graduates through distance mode: a study of impact on knowledge attitudes and practice."

Dr. Kavitha RajaSummary:

The objective of this project is to bring the current understanding of pain to young physiotherapists in India. The commonly delivered curriculum at the post graduate level does not deal adequately with the multi-disciplinary nature of pain or the evidence for the management of pain but only with the neurophysiology. Physiotherapists are often the first level of health care practitioner that deals with persons with pain in India and there is rarely a team approach.

The project is a case control study where the outcomes are standard tools that assess knowledge and practice. Two groups of students studying in the same university in different colleges will be invited to participate with one group undergoing the program delivered in distance mode by international educators and the other group undergoing the standard curriculum prescribed by the university. The program will be of eight months duration. At the end, both groups will be evaluated using the Kirkpatrick method. Changes to the curriculum will be incorporated based on student and instructor feedback and the curriculum will be submitted to the university. It is expected that this pilot program will pave the way for better education of pain in India among physiotherapists.

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