Bosnia and Herzegovina


Udruženje za terapiju bola u BiH (UTBBiH)
Association for Pain Therapy in B&H (APTB&H)

Public Information Available: Information Brochures, Reporting to Public Health Authorities, Cyclic Media Service

Chapter Mailing Address:

Amira Karkin-Tais, MD
A. Santica 1
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387-61-241-960
Fax: +387-33-444-260

President: Amira Karkin-Tais, Prim, MD
Vice President: Goran Cerkez, MD
Treasurer: Rada Fatur,

Sanja Custovic, PhD
Darko Golic, MD, 
Ilsmet Suljevic Doc.Dr.
Alajbegovic Azra, Dr.

Aims of association are to advance research, education clinical management and to serve as an authoritative, scientifically based resource concerning policy issues related to pain. To develop and implement a tight co-ordination with public, academic and private sectors in the country and abroad. Enable cooperation and joining of local doctors in European and World pain associations. Developing a strategy creating research reports to ensure sustainability and continuing of the training process. B&H Association is a Chapter of IASP(International Association Study of pain) and EFIC (Europe Federation of Chapters). Since 2004 the BH Association for pain therapy (UTTBH) has taken part in the development of medical science “The therapy of pain” in BiH.