IASP Presidential Task Force on Cannabis and Cannabinoid Analgesia

The charge to this Task Force is to review and evaluate current clinical evidence for the benefits and harms (including psychiatric risks) of cannabinoids as analgesic drugs. This will be primarily by reference to existing systematic reviews (perhaps with a search update) rather than conducting a new evidence synthesis. The Task Force will additionally consider the epidemiological literature pertaining to the risks of cannabis use.  The primary focus will be on clinical evidence but we will also wish to include a short statement on the state of the art and strength of pre-clinical cannabinoid analgesic research. The task force will discuss the implications for healthcare professionals of the various political processes that are being adopted in some countries to bypass conventional regulation of medicines in order to permit the medical use of “medicinal cannabis”. The task force will exclude from the discussion the issue of legislation surrounding the “recreational” use of cannabis.

Chair: Andrew Rice, United Kingdom
Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Denmark
Joletta Belton, USA
Fiona Blyth, Australia
Louisa Degenhardt, Australia
Marta Di Forti, United Kingdom
Chris Eccleston, United Kingdom
David Finn, Ireland
Nanna Finnerup, Denmark
Emma Fisher, United Kingdom
Ian Gilron, Canada 
Simon Haroutounian, USA 
Andrea Hohmann, USA 
Eija Kalso, Finland 
Elliot Krane, USA 
Andrew Moore, United Kingdom 
Mike Rowbotham, USA
Nadia Soliman, United Kingdom
Mark Wallace, USA
Nantthasorn Zinboonyahgooon, Thailand

Task Force on Cannabis and Cannabinoid Analgesia - Declarations of Interest

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