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How do Nerves Work. TEDEd



The 2023 Global Year aims to raise awareness about integrative pain care and illustrate the knowns and unknowns of this important topic via different initiatives, including a fact sheet series and several webinars.

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Here is a nice video about neurones. That this sort of thing is popping up here and there is one of the reasons I think the internet is marvellous. I don’t always think that of course, but I think TEDEd does truly bring together some clever people to make education more fun, more effective and more available.

I am not sure that all the language in this video is consistent with how I understand the nervous system as it relates to pain, but I would welcome any and all comments on it. Specifically, should we, as pain clinicians and scientists, be embracing that which TEDEd embraces to more effectively reconceptualise pain? I suspect so.

So many exciting projects, so little time. Now that I am sleeping at night instead of listening to the National Anthems of USA, China and Great Britain (in that order), I might have some more night-time to think about how we can Explain Pain better. All serious suggestions and most silly ones welcome…..


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