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Five questions you should ask a patient in pain



This year’s theme focuses on increasing the awareness of clinicians, scientists, and the public of our growing pain knowledge and how it can benefit those living with pain.

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I recently did a talk for a bunch of GP’s. The brief I got was to make the really tough task of assessing someone in pain a little easier – ‘Perhaps you could tell them which questions to ask’ were the exact words I think. So, here are the slides.  I have tried to make the pretty self explanatory, although Heidi has been trying to get me to do a voice over – she has lost patience and got me to write an intro instead.  The general feel of this presentation is covered in detail in:

There are some good papers, many by Rolf Treede and his German neuropathic pain network people, on testing for neuropathic pain – go here:


If you’d like a pdf of this presentation to download click on the slideshare here or in our slide section

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