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Five questions you should ask a patient in pain



The 2024 Global Year will examine what is known about sex and gender differences in pain perception and modulation and address sex-and gender-related disparities in both the research and treatment of pain.

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I recently did a talk for a bunch of GP’s. The brief I got was to make the really tough task of assessing someone in pain a little easier – ‘Perhaps you could tell them which questions to ask’ were the exact words I think. So, here are the slides.  I have tried to make the pretty self explanatory, although Heidi has been trying to get me to do a voice over – she has lost patience and got me to write an intro instead.  The general feel of this presentation is covered in detail in:

There are some good papers, many by Rolf Treede and his German neuropathic pain network people, on testing for neuropathic pain – go here:


If you’d like a pdf of this presentation to download click on the slideshare here or in our slide section

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