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IASP Pain Research Forum Webinar: Microglia and Pain

25 April 2019

PRF Webinars


On April 25, Ru-Rong Ji, PhD, gave a talk on some of the latest thinking about the contributions of microglia to pain. After his talk, there was a question-and-answer period moderated by Simon Beggs, PhD.


  • Ru-Rong Ji, PhD, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, US
  • Simon Beggs, PhD, University College London, UK (moderator)



Listen to the Webinar



Here is an abstract of Ji’s talk:

The previous decade has seen a rapid increase in microglial studies on pain. Numerous signaling molecules are altered in microglia and contribute to the pathogenesis of pain. This webinar will discuss how microglial signaling regulates spinal cord synaptic plasticity in acute and chronic pain conditions with a special focus on neuropathic pain. It will also highlight that microglial mediators such as pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines and BDNF are powerful neuromodulators that regulate synaptic transmission and pain via neuron-glial interactions. Finally, this webinar will discuss an emerging beneficial and pro-resolving role of microglia, as well as sexual dimorphism in microglial signaling and future perspectives.


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