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Papers: 11 May 2024 - 17 May 2024

2024 May 14

Anal Chem


Wearable Vertical Graphene-Based Microneedle Biosensor for Real-Time Ketogenic Diet Management.


Wang Q, Liu Q, Zhong G, Xu T, Zhang X


Ketogenic diets have attracted substantial interest in the treatment of chronic diseases, but there are health risks with long-term regimes. Despite the advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic methods in modern medicine, there is a huge gap in personalized health management of this dietary strategy. Hence, we present a wearable microneedle biosensor for real-time ketone and glucose monitoring. The microneedle array possesses excellent mechanical properties, allowing for consistent sampling of interstitial biomarkers while reducing the pain associated with skin puncture. Vertical graphene with outstanding electrical conductivity provides the resulting sensor with a high sensitivity of 234.18 μA mM cm and a low limit detection of 1.21 μM. When this fully integrated biosensor was used in human volunteers, it displayed an attractive analytical capability for tracking the dynamic metabolite levels. Moreover, the results of the on-body evaluation established a significant correlation with commercial blood measurements. Overall, this cost-effective and efficient sensing platform can accelerate the application of a ketogenic diet in personal nutrition and wellness management.