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Papers: 25 Mar 2023 - 31 Mar 2023

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Animal Studies

Abdominal/Pelvic Pain

2023 Feb 24





The Unmet Needs for Studying Chronic Pelvic/Visceral Pain Using Animal Models.


Neto AC, Santos-Pereira M, Abreu-Mendes P, Neves D, Almeida H, Cruz F, Charrua A


The different definitions of chronic pelvic/visceral pain used by international societies have changed over the years. These differences have a great impact on the way researchers study chronic pelvic/visceral pain. Recently, the role of systemic changes, including the role of the central nervous system, in the perpetuation and chronification of pelvic/visceral pain has gained weight. Consequently, researchers are using animal models that resemble those systemic changes rather than using models that are organ- or tissue-specific. In this review, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using bladder-centric and systemic models, enumerating some of the central nervous system changes and pain-related behaviors occurring in each model. We also present some drawbacks when using animal models and pain-related behavior tests and raise questions about possible, yet to be demonstrated, investigator-related bias. We also suggest new approaches to study chronic pelvic/visceral pain by refining existing animal models or using new ones.