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Papers: 11 Mar 2023 - 17 Mar 2023


Human Studies, Neurobiology, Neuroimaging


2023 Mar 01

J Clin Med




“The Pupillary (Hippus) Nystagmus”: A Possible Clinical Hallmark to Support the Diagnosis of Vestibular Migraine.


Gufoni M, Casani AP


(1) Background: Hippus (which in this paper will be called “Pupillary nystagmus”) is a well-known phenomenon which has never been related to any specific pathology, so much so that it can be considered physiological even in the normal subject, and is characterized by cycles of dilation and narrowing of the pupil under constant lighting conditions. The aim of this study is to verify the presence of pupillary nystagmus in a series of patients suffering from vestibular migraine. (2) Methods: 30 patients with dizziness suffering from vestibular migraine (VM), diagnosed according to the international criteria, were evaluated for the presence of pupillary nystagmus and compared with the results obtained in a group of 50 patients complaining of dizziness that was not migraine-related. (3) Results: Among the 30 VM patients, only two cases were found to be negative for pupillary nystagmus. Among the 50 non-migraineurs dizzy patients, three had pupillary nystagmus, while the remaining 47 did not. This resulted in a test sensitivity of 0.93% and a specificity of 0.94%. (4) Conclusion: we propose the consideration of the presence of pupillary nystagmus as an objective sign (present in the inter-critical phase) to be associated with the international diagnostic criteria for the diagnosis of vestibular migraine.