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Papers: 11 May 2024 - 17 May 2024

2024 May 13

Br J Pharmacol


The ion channel TRPM8 is a direct target of the immunosuppressant rapamycin in primary sensory neurons.


Arcas JM, Oudaha K, González A, Fernández-Trillo J, Peralta FA, Castro-Marsal J, Poyraz S, Taberner F, Sala S, de la Peña E, Gomis A, Viana F


The mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) signalling pathway is a key regulator of cell growth and metabolism. Its deregulation is implicated in several diseases. The macrolide rapamycin, a specific inhibitor of mTOR, has immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative properties. Recently, we identified tacrolimus, another macrolide immunosuppressant, as a novel activator of TRPM8 ion channels, involved in cold temperature sensing, thermoregulation, tearing and cold pain. We hypothesized that rapamycin may also have agonist activity on TRPM8 channels.