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Papers: 5 Aug 2023 - 11 Aug 2023

Basic Science, Psychology

Animal Studies, Molecular/Cellular, Neurobiology, Pharmacology/Drug Development

Itch, Psychological/Comorbidities

2023 Aug 08

Neurosci Bull


The Anterior Insula and its Projection to the Prelimbic Cortex are Involved in the Regulation of 5-HT-Induced Itch.


Yao J, Li X, Wu GY, Wu B, Long JH, Wang PJ, Liu SL, Gao J, Sui JF


Itch is an unpleasant sensation that urges people and animals to scratch. Neuroimaging studies on itch have yielded extensive correlations with diverse cortical and subcortical regions, including the insular lobe. However, the role and functional specificity of the insular cortex (IC) and its subdivisions in itch mediation remains unclear. Here, we demonstrated by immunohistochemistry and fiber photometry tests, that neurons in both the anterior insular cortex (AIC) and the posterior insular cortex (PIC) are activated during acute itch processes. Pharmacogenetic experiments revealed that nonselective inhibition of global AIC neurons, or selective inhibition of the activity of glutaminergic neurons in the AIC, reduced the scratching behaviors induced by intradermal injection of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), but not those induced by compound 48/80. However, both nonselective inhibition of global PIC neurons and selective inhibition of glutaminergic neurons in the PIC failed to affect the itching-scratching behaviors induced by either 5-HT or compound 48/80. In addition, pharmacogenetic inhibition of AIC glutaminergic neurons effectively blocked itch-associated conditioned place aversion behavior, and inhibition of AIC glutaminergic neurons projecting to the prelimbic cortex significantly suppressed 5-HT-evoked scratching. These findings provide preliminary evidence that the AIC is involved, at least partially via aversive emotion mediation, in the regulation of 5-HT-, but not compound 48/80-induced itch.