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Papers: 29 Jul 2023 - 4 Aug 2023

2023 Jul 18





Synthesis, Biological, Spectroscopic and Computational Investigations of Novel -Acylhydrazone Derivatives of Pyrrolo[3,4-]pyridazinone as Dual COX/LOX Inhibitors.


Mikus J, Świątek P, Przybyła P, Krzyżak E, Marciniak A, Kotynia A, Redzicka A, Wiatrak B, Jawień P, Gębarowski T, Szczukowski Ł


Secure and efficient treatment of diverse pain and inflammatory disorders is continually challenging. Although NSAIDs and other painkillers are well-known and commonly available, they are sometimes insufficient and can cause dangerous adverse effects. As yet reported, derivatives of pyrrolo[3,4-]pyridazinone are potent COX-2 inhibitors with a COX-2/COX-1 selectivity index better than meloxicam. Considering that -acylhydrazone (NAH) moiety is a privileged structure occurring in many promising drug candidates, we decided to introduce this pharmacophore into new series of pyrrolo[3,4-]pyridazinone derivatives. The current paper presents the synthesis and in vitro, spectroscopic, and in silico studies evaluating the biological and physicochemical properties of NAH derivatives of pyrrolo[3,4-]pyridazinone. Novel compounds — were received with high purity and good yields and did not show cytotoxicity in the MTT assay. Their COX-1, COX-2, and 15-LOX inhibitory activities were estimated using enzymatic tests and molecular docking studies. The title -acylhydrazones appeared to be promising dual COX/LOX inhibitors. Moreover, spectroscopic and computational methods revealed that new compounds form stable complexes with the most abundant plasma proteins-AAG and HSA, but do not destabilize their secondary structure. Additionally, predicted pharmacokinetic and drug-likeness properties of investigated molecules suggest their potentially good membrane permeability and satisfactory bioavailability.