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Papers: 12 Aug 2023 - 18 Aug 2023

Psychology, Review

Human Studies, Neurobiology, Pharmacology/Drug Development


2023 Sep 01

Anesth Analg




Substance Use Disorders: Basic Overview for the Anesthesiologist.


Jimenez Ruiz F, Warner NS, Acampora G, Coleman JR, Kohan L


Substance use disorders (SUDs) represent a current major public health concern in the United States and around the world. Social and economic stressors secondary to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic have likely led to an increase in SUDs around the world. This chronic, debilitating disease is a prevalent health problem, and yet many clinicians do not have adequate training or clinical experience diagnosing and treating SUDs. Anesthesiologists and other perioperative medical staff frequently encounter patients with co-occurring SUDs. By such, through increased awareness and education, physicians and other health care providers have a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives and improve the perioperative outcomes of patients with SUDs. Understanding commonly used terms, potentially effective perioperative screening tools, diagnostic criteria, basics of treatment, and the perioperative implications of SUDs is essential to providing adequate care to patients experiencing this illness.